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Combat Drowsy Driving - 5 Easy Tips

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014

Combat Drowsy Driving - 5 Easy Tips

Combat Drowsy Driving


According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation 1 in 2 Americans report driving drowsy often. Drowsy driving statistics estimate four deaths each day, 1,550 a year, 71,000 injuries, and 100,000 accidents. The real tragedy is that these deaths don’t have to happen.

Most articles on drowsy driving prevention list ways to get their 8 hours of sleep, but for many it’s not a possibility. We have places to be and don’t have the luxury to sleep in for that extra hour. We’ve made a list of 5 things you can do while in your car to help combat drowsy driving and arrive alive.

Combat Drowsy Driving - 5 Tips

Always ride with someone – A great way to avoid drowsy car accidents is to have someone in the car to keep you alert.  A passenger in the car can warn of a possible danger and provide good conversation to allow the mind to stay active and combat drowsy driving. If at all possible, when driving have someone tag along.

Chew Something – Have you ever been on a long drive and fatigued driving was something you couldn’t stop. If you have something in your mouth to chew on, it does wonders for your mind and body. Gum, your hair, a sock, anything! So, grab some gum and start chewing.

Roll Down the Windows – Sometimes all you need to overcome sleepy driving is a breath of fresh air. When you start to feel fatigue coming on, roll down those windows and breathe in the freshness – but not the bugs!

Turn on Some Upbeat Music – When you are driving tired it’s not the best idea to be listening to classical music. If that’s what you like and you are combatting drowsy driving consider changing things up a bit. Studies show that listening to familiar music releases dopamine into your system, which can create sleepiness. To combat that, find a station on the radio that is new to you and that will help you be a more alert driver.

Pull Over and Walk AroundDriving tired down an interstate I’m sure you’ve seen a sign inviting you to pull over and take a nap, but have you done it? Perhaps you don’t have the time to take a nap in the car, but you can get off the next exit and just take 5 minutes to walk around. This exercise will help to get your heart pumping and combat drowsy driving. A study by a Southern California professor Robert Thayer shows that the more people walk each day, the more alert they feel and the better their mood. But, you didn’t need a study to teach you that! So, the next time you are feeling drowsy, don’t forget to pull over and get those legs moving.

Please be aware and take these steps when behind the wheel to keep you driving safe.

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  1. Excellent article Ben. I’ll remember this next time I’m sleepy.

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