No Drowsy Driving

A short nap can make the difference

Driver Drowsiness Detection Saves Lives

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014

Driver Drowsiness Detection Saves Lives     The Bosch driver drowsiness detection system lets drivers know they are falling asleep at the wheel. What’s the best way to stop a driver from falling asleep at the wheel? Driver judgment remains the most important factor, but new research shows that steering data can be used for a driver drowsiness detection system in cars. The National...

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Drowsy Drivers Will Travel

Posted by on Sep 14, 2014

Road Trips and a Drowsy Driver Travel Benefits When you first think of traveling the world what comes to your mind? For me, it’s the opportunity to saturate my senses in an environment filled with new sights, sounds, and experiences. The LA Times and USA Today built upon these feelings by suggesting that traveling also provides educational and health benefits. Given the benefits gained...

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Press Release: No Drowsy Driving event, hosted by Senator Osmond and NODD

Posted by NODD Drowsy Driving on Aug 19, 2014

Senator Osmond and the No Drowsy Driving organization will be hosting a “Wake Up Stop” to create awareness of the seriousness of drowsy driving and to encourage drivers to stay awake and alert. They will hand out treats, drinks, and literature about drowsy driving. During the 2014 Legislative Session, Senator Aaron Osmond will sponsor legislation to set aside the 3rd calendar week of every September as Utah Drowsy Driving Awareness Week.

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KSL Report: Group urges drivers not to drive drowsy

Posted by NODD Drowsy Driving on Aug 29, 2012

TOOELE — Sleeping when you’re tired. It sounds simple. But tired drivers keep crashing, and one group says it’s time to admit how big of a problem it is. No Drowsy Driving gave out free coffee, donuts, and cookies at a rest stop along I-80 Saturday afternoon. They hope to remind people that driving tired can lead to fatal accidents. In the last five years, 115 people have died as a...

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