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A short nap can make the difference

About NOD.D.

No Drowsy Driving (NOD.D.) was created to raise public awareness about the dangers of driving impaired due to improper or lack of sleep.  So many people are quick to point finger at people who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but driving drowsy remains the largest cause of traffic accidents in the United States.

No Drowsy Driving was founded by Lorri Henseler after a drowsy driving crash took the life of her 16 yr old son. Below is Lorri’s very brief story in her words.  We invite you to get involved in whatever way you can and help to make the roads safer.


Every penny helps the cause. Donations are used for events and promotional campaigns to raise awareness. Donations put needed tools in the hands of volunteers.


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1794642_633672523362074_386740125_nPictured on the Right are Lorri Henseler, NoDD, and Senator Aaron Osmond (R) District 10

Lorri’s Story

I am a pretty normal person who has had to live through the worst thing a parent must ever deal wily….the death of a child. It’s backwards. You should not bury your future. It’s hard putting up a small Christmas tree in freezing a cold wind. I used to go up to his grave a lot, but I now live on the opposite side of town and I don’t like to drive very far from home. (I have Young Onset Parkinson’s, the tremor started to show upafter my son’s death. It took years to diagnose. They finally think it was brought on by the trauma of my son’s death!)

It’s a heartache that will never go away. You just don’t cry every day. And you hide your pain better. My son Ronnie Lynn was the 1st born Grandson and Great Grandson on both sides of the family. He was very close to his sister Candace, and the three of us were the 3 bears. I did not find out the cause of the “crash” until later. I am unsure as to the year. I started with phone calls, everything I could think of. I did a lot of online research, since I really knew nothing about drowsy driving. I even realized I had been guilty of drowsy driving. I was over 20 years ago. But I could have killed myself and my children and even others!

My son Ronnie Lynn had been a Air Force JROTC Cadet. That was in Las Vegas, Nevada. I moved back home to Utah and Ronnie Lynn became a member of the Navy Sea Cadets, at Fort Douglas. He graduated from boot camp in Fort Huachuca, AZ. Then Ronnie Lynn became a Army JROTC Cadet, AND he did some training with the Marines on weekends. He was a member of the National Jr. Honor Society. In math and English he was in the advanced classes. He had been accepted by West Virginia Military Academy. And he had been invited to the White House to meet the President! (Part of that trip had been paid for by his Grandparents Webb. Ronnie Lynn and two other Army JROTC Cadets had left the house before 5:00am,to train with the Marines. They dropped off two other cadets then came to our home so Ronnie Lynn could get his rifle and his Ammo box (which to this day still has the glass inside of it).

I remember telling him I loved him, and i’m so glad I told him because I would never get another chance. Ronnie Lynn & Josh changed seats, making Ronnie Lynn the front seat passenger. They had only changed seats approximately 10 minutes when the driver of the car the Cadets were in started to drift off the road the wheel started to go off on a two lane highway,with a speed limit of 65MPH. As the car started to go off the road, it woke up the driver who was young and inexperienced. The young man did what most of us would do react. He jerked the wheel hard and directly into on coming traffic. The car started to roll and the  wheel’s started to come off the rims and dug almost 4 inches into the asphalt. Before the car could roll the car in the other lane had no time to break. She struck the car mostly in the passenger side Ronnie Lynn taking the full impact of Approximately 120 MPH. Ronnie Lynn was killed on impact.  An ambulance was 2 cars behind the one who hit the Cadets car.The cadets car caught fire and it was put out very quickly. I still find it hard to believe he is gone and even worse he now is gone as long as he was alive.

Miss you forever!